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The RCHA offers a new fresh, and creative
approach to serving the rc helicopter community in the UK.

We set the Guinness World Record in 2010 with the ‘Most Helicopter Flown in one instance’. We believe we are the first dedicated helicopter association to do this we aim to do it again and again. This years fly in will be bigger and better.


A crash in any circumstances is painfully frustrating, but when a crash leads to injury or damage then things can get a little complicated. RCHA did provide its members with the opportunity to recieve insurance cover for such circumstances. In 2011 we have had to remove this element - but we will be looking at returning this back into our member packs in the future at somepoint along with the lanyard, decals, car sticks and membercard that goto members already.

For further information on the club package and more please follow the link below.

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"2010 the year when Flybarless

had its explosion and is now the norm"

So far Align launched the G3, Beast-X was released, the pioneers V-Bar have either launched or updated there systems, Curtis is about to launch his system more and more heli's now come either with or without flybar. Therefore the RCHA has decided to lanuch a site dedicated to flybarless.

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"A structured Reviewing

System with Pilots at its centre"

RCHA will be reviewing products differently, we are looking for UK volunteers to be our reviewing group. They will be required to fully review and give and NCAP style rating on products from suitability, durability, value for money and overall position. Once complete the items will be auctioned.

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"Safe, Monitored and Secure for all to use"

As well as the method used by RCHA to sell its recently reviewed items, the auction site can easily act as a more traditional classifeds function with a simple "Buy Now" button. With more flexibility and with a very robust rating system as well as secure you are safe in the knowledge that as much as possible is being done to make sure members can trade as safe as possbile.

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The Journey

"Your own Development is like a Journey with many Twists and Turns."

Learning to fly radio controlled helicopters can be so rewarding, but what better way to show that journey than through a programme of achievement.

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2014 Clubs in RCHA


2014 will see the 5th year of RCHA and every year its growing

We would encourage clubs to consider the RCHA. Please complete the form to register your clubs interest. Click Here

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2014 RCHA Club Affiliation Scheme and more...

The RCHA has been working to ensure that in 2014 we are able to give the radio controlled modellers of the UK an opportunity to support directly a body with a clear vision for growth, development and community spirit.

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RCHA Family

The RCHA Family is a virtual family that aims to represent graphically as much of the hobby as possible.

With interests ranging from the modest .50 to electrics and scale the family will be used to assist in the marketing development of the RCHA into Schools, communities and hopefully in the longer term help to expand the knowledge of the hobby to the greater public.

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Main Events

3d champs

3D Championships

From grass routes to more serious competition level in the UK.

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The Zone Format

The latest innovation in competition formats bringing back into it fun and a strong competitive edge - 'The One to Watch'.

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3d scotland

3D Scotland

Scotlands latest premier 3D grass root flyers event - started in 2010 and looks to go from strength to strength

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RCHA World Record Attempt 2011



The RCHA is pleased to announce as a result of the tremendous support for the 2010 event we are holding our fun flyin again in 2011 again we will be doing world record attempts to highlight the fantastic enjoyment, fun and challenges that our hobby delivers to its members every day.

As last year we will be running a raffle to generate money towards the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance which we envisage will attend the event again this year. The target for this year is to break more than £1000.00 - when already we have a Velocity 90 kit and lots more already being donated we are very much confident that this will be broken this year.

Support the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance


So make space in your calendar for the 29th, 30th & 31st July 2011 @ Eagle Rc Heli Club.

We are looking to attemp three world records this year

Most Hovering - Upright

Most Hovering - Inverted

Most Scale Helicopters - Hovering

To register to be a part of the attempt please go here... Register

Also find information on the rcheliaddict website.....

Safety Alerts

Its imperative that flyers are aware of any safety issues concerning the equipment they might be using. In some cases this will effect electronics which can cover all forms of flight, as a recent example see how Nitro fuel could effect your Spektrum receiver if your not careful.

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CAA & Ofcom Updates


CAA Notification

Please note the CAA have issued a NO Fly Zone for the up and coming NATO Summit from the 3rd to the 5th September 2014.




In January 2010 the CAA introduced new regulations that require operators of small unmanned aircraftused for aerial work purposes and those equipped for data acquisition and/or surveillance to obtain permission from the CAA before commencing a flight within a congested area or in proximity to people or property.More

Ofcom Ofcom

The latest updates or consultations from ofcom that effect the rc helicopter community will be advised of here..