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RCHA Clubs & More

RCHA - An opportunity for clubs to work towards a greater future.

One of the key focuses of the RCHA is to drive more choice directly toUK flyers. We applaud the work that many of the clubs do, but equally we feel that clubs should be a place for ALL to work together and not tied to a particular body in such a manner that inhibits its members ability to choose who they wish to support. So provided you're flying the flag of choice and are not restrictively affiliated to the BMFA you can benefit from the RCHA ethos :- "As our equipment grows and our facilities grow, the more your own clubwill benefit."

Whats included for the Clubs - see below some key features:-

  • Free Webhosting under the RCHA domain* or if you have your own domain we can host it provided your able to work with linux servers NOT Windows.
  • Free design service to assist with leaflets, adverts and regional marketing
  • Placed into the RCHA / Google mapping system giving potential new members very quick and visually effective access, to find their nearest clubs without having to go through lists and lists
  • To help where possible in site planning and liaising with landlords or councils.
  • *Free third party "Employers Liability" insurance
  • The ability to offer an overseas visitor up to 30 days free cover if visiting your field
  • Extention of club cover to a different field if putting on a public display somewhere else and help in planning that event
  • Listing of club details in RCHA directory
  • Assistance such as Planning Consent Application (We have a person who is actually a planning officer)
  • The achievement scheme and visiting examiners to support the club on its way.....

  • Access to a growing list of equipment from a fully printed marque, banners, flags, speedgun, sound meter and more coming....

The view being that by having access to professional quality equipment your club need not invest heavily and burden the costs of this but simply complete some forms and provided your accepting conditions of use and shipping costs your club will be able to put on flying and local competitions with good equipment to help make life abit easier and look more professional too.

The more events we help to happen the more likely people will stop and want to see what is going on and open there eyes more in the world of RC Helicopters.


The RCHA is recognised by both the CAA and Ofcom.

As part of the program also the insurance included into the Flying membership is 5m 3rd Party Public Liability. It will be possible for any Club should they wish to be affiliated to the RCHA will be entitled to employers liability cover to 5m but there members still maintain the ability to choose who they wish to be linked too.

We encourage clubs to engage there members and discuss openly and frankly the merits of allowing there members the opportunity to choose. Remember the committee's are there to serve its members first and foremost and regardless of differences in what we and others provide we believe its important that members have a choice.

We've attached our policy summary and policy document. Our insurers Hiscox are very well respected and have a strong reputation within the insurance markets.